G-Bag Plastic Grease Trap

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    Cost Effective Grease Interceptor

    A grease trap is used to avoid blocked drains, reduce odour issues and to comply with environmental health and building regulations in your commercial kitchen. 

    Do you want a grease trap that works well without having to organise daily or weekly maintenance and cleaning?

    This grease interceptor product needs no costly electricity supply and reduces odour nuisance when it needs cleaning. 

    Rather than worrying about your grease management, this product allows you to get on with the important job of running your business.

    Hygienic kitchen grease waste solution

    This grease trap is as effective as many stainless steel filter traps that cost up to 4 times the price.

    This 50 Litre G-Bag grease trap is manufactured in polyethylene plastic and is the best cost effective grease trap you will buy. It can be self maintained or as part of a full maintenance service contract solution.

    Perfect for commercial kitchens serving an average of up to 120 meals per day with 1-2 sinks discharging through the grease interceptor. 

    For larger food businesses, where a capacity of up to 100 Litres is required, two of our polyethylene traps can be installed.

    G-Bag filters and contains the waste

    Change your thinking about in-kitchen grease interceptors and see how this innovative odourless sealed G-Bag design works. 

    The G-Bag contains and filters the waste, providing a simple cleaning and maintenance procedure in comparison to traditional fat traps.

    It does all the above as well as maintaining good levels of safety and hygiene plus in-kitchen health which no other passive grease trap or grease removal system can provide. 

    The G-Bag grease trap system has a highly effective grease, fats, oil and food solids disposal management process.

    Flexible to suit your grease disposal requirements

    Suitable for small and medium size commercial kitchens, with one or two sinks. 

    This high quality plastic unit contains the durable replacement G-Bag (supplied with 2 x G-Bag). Add replacement G-Bags to your order here. 

    This grease trap system can easily be fitted under or close to your pot wash sinks.

    It's supplied with all the fittings for an easy installation, along with full ongoing maintenance guidelines.

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