FOGI 1700 Litre Underground Grease Trap

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    Prevent FOGs disposal problems

    Wastewater from commercial kitchens is contaminated with FOGS (fats, oils and greases). The introduction of FOGs and food solids into the general drainage/sewage system (either main sewage network or private treatment facilities) can interrupt business function and has been shown to be a significant cause of drain blockages, restrictions and flooding. 

    FOGI Design

    The FOGI Grease interceptor range has been designed to conform to BSEN 1825 the British Standard for Grease Separators and Building Regulations Part H. The FOGI’s design will effectively intercept fats, oils and greases and solids (FOGS) before they enter the drainage system, supporting the drainage system and the final treatment process. 

    Designed for large scale operations

    These larger range of grease traps are designed for larger kitchen operations such as hotels, farm shops, leisure and visitor centres, schools, hospitals, prisons, abattoirs and restaurants as well as use in  industrial food processing applications and . Our FOGI greasetraps meet all the requirements of the relevant legislation.

    The FOGI’s low profile tank can be installed in granular surround as against concrete, thus greatly reducing the overall installation cost against other underground systems. 

    Features & Design

    • Designed for larger kitchens, food manufacturing plants & abattoirs
    • Super ‘Heavy Duty’ bodies 
    • Low Profile
    • Designed in accordance to BSEN 1825
    • All units are supplied with large lockable access cover
    • Available in single stage and two stage with primary sludge trap 
    • Minimal granular surround installation 
    • Huge savings on overall installation
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
    • Corrosion Free - 50 year plus life expectancy 
    • Full access to all pipework for maintenance 
    • Also available in 160mm pipe work

    Other sizes are available, 1700 to 8800 litres, prices on application.

    Please click here for Fat, Oil and Grease Interceptors brochure.