g-bag grease trap

G-Bag Grease Trap System £199

grease drain dosing system

Grease TRAP Drain Dosing £169

jumbo underground grease trap

from £230

Grease Traps & Dosing Systems at Great Prices

We have a full range of grease traps, separators, interceptors, fat traps and grease dosing products. Hassle free for all your food operation requirements. Keeping your commercial kitchen drains clear and free from grease.

Whether you need a large underground grease trap or a smaller in kitchen under sink fat trap system, our products offer a cost effective solution. We're the UK's leading grease management experts. 

Where appropriate, we offer online technical and product information to allow you to make an informed choice.

Contact our sales team for sales support who are happy to help you with grease trap and grease drain dosing product information. 

Same day dispatch of all our stock grease management products.

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